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Ebay Boycott Cancelled

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Or is it? A few weeks ago Ebay announced new listing fees for sellers. In effect, it lowers the upfront cost of listing a product, but increases the overall cost once the item is sold. The idea is based upon sales success, and it has done nothing but enraged sellers. The new fees have enraged them so much, some sellers are calling for a boycott between the dates of February 18 and February 25, 2008.

Ebay has relented somewhat. They’ve changed their policies concerning media and category-specific pricing. This change has been planned for some time but the threatened “seller strike” seems to have put the company into (more…)

RE: virus warning! Life is Beautiful Hoax

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Here’s a good idea: Just don’t open any attachment from people you don’t know.

The Life is Beautiful virus email is a H-O-A-X

It has been perpetrated for at least six years and changes its form somewhat. The first itineration of the hoax is believed to be in the form of a powerpoint attachment. The next itineration was who it came from or what it affected -which included names like Symantec, McAfee, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

However, files contained in emails from unknown persons should always be treated suspect, in fact, you should only accept and open a file through email if you have specifically ordered it or a person that you know has told you that you are going to receive it. File attachments are notorious for carrying little “nasties” that will sometimes (more…)

Microsoft + Yahoo = 2 Google?

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Google is upset that Microsoft wants to take over Yahoo. Yahoo with Microsoft and their search website – together do not surpass Google’s search volume, but it would allow the two together to get a significant amount of search traffic and perhaps overtake Google at sometime in the future. The takeover bid could set the stage for increased competition.

Currently Google is the expensive options of the three in terms of advertising, as demonstrated by the cost of Google Adwords against MSN’s network. That is good for Google and advertising firms, since most ad firms work on a percentage of their costs; but not so good for businesses who need to advertise. Could the merger of MSN and Yahoo raise the price closer to what Google commands –or will it increase pressure on competition and drive internet advertising costs down?

If the later is the case, it is good for the rest of us, but not so good if you hold Google, since they don’t have an operating system (XP, Vista) or leading business software (Microsoft Office) to fall back on.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other technology news.