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Refugee Crisis, Illegal Immigration and a Need for Sponsorship?

By New York Public Library [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Is America ready for everyone who wants to be here? Probably Not!

With all the threats and mischief being thrust upon the United States, is there any wonder that there is such a backlash to the immigration issues?

We need a way of getting both sides of this issue to come together for the sake of inclusion. The left feels that we should allow anyone in, no matter the circumstances of the situation without any regard to the culture that exists in the USA. The right feels there needs to be some kind of restrictions in place to allow for assimilation into our culture. We now have general strikes and rioting occurring everywhere in the United States over these cultural issues.

Is this going to help the situation of the refugees and immigrants? Probably not!

American Culture has been through many migrations over the past 300 years. We have had (more…)

Biker Think! Ad from UK

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Europe on a motorcycle. This is an excellent PSA (Public Service Announcement) from the BBC (British Broadcasting System). The etymology of this ad is unclear, but it seems it first played somewhere in the US, then they made up one that aired in the early 00’s in England. This is that ad. Later some other US states have re-created the ad again, and in different ways (with texting and all) No doubt the message is powerful. And quick.

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