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Time Change DST Costs Money

Benjamin Franklin the first true and real American

Daylight Savings Time clock change is 2am on Sunday March 9th. Spring Forward, means put your clock ahead one hour effectively leading you to adjust your natural sleep schedule to get up one hour earlier. If you ask people what advantage comes from daylight savings time, most would tell you the main purpose is to save money on energy costs. Benjamin Franklin forwarded the idea with his whimsical 1784 paper entitled An Economical Project, and it made sense. Back then, if you could reduce the amount of time you burned your oil lamp or candle, you could save money. But the idea is out of step with the modern world.

States can decide whether or not to participate in DST and three states in the United States do not follow the Daylight Savings Time (DST) model. They are Hawaii, Arizona, (more…)