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DB Cooper Parachuting Hijacker still at Large

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-Or at least that is what the FBI will have you believe. 36 years ago D.B. (Dan) Cooper jumped out of Northwest Jet airliner north of Portland Oregon with $200,000 in stolen money. He boarded a flight from Portland to Seattle where he called a stewardess (yes stewardess, back in 1972, there was no such thing as a “flight attendant”) and revealed a briefcase with wires and red colored sticks. He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes.FBI DB Cooper Mug
The Plane landed and the other 36 passengers were exchanged for the money and the parachutes. Shortly after takeoff on a rainy, pitch-black night, he simply instructed pilots to “fly to Mexico” and bailed shortly thereafter. Authorities believe he acted alone. (more…)