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Prison Terms for Eye Exams

Filed under: Bizarre News,Law — Tags: , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 10:19 am 2008 March 26

Nonie from Melbourne, Australia, A-Block at Alcatraz (2206096229), CC BY 2.0

theFutonPoncho may be gear to wear when your head is in the air, but it might also be something you put on, something you wear, to shield you from the outrageous-ness of everyday life in America. Everywhere you turn, laws are being enacted to “protect us” from the outside world. Has anyone thought to take into consideration how we’ll enforce all these laws?

Illinois legislature recently passed a law requiring parents to have their children pass an eye exam before they are allowed to attend school. The wording on the street is that optometrists are “worried” about (more…)