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Postage Increase But Don’t Buy Forever Stamp

Filed under: Economics — Tags: , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 2:43 pm 2008 February 12

Good Idea. Just before the stamp price was going up last year, the post office offered stamps priced at the current rate, but usable for first class postage forever. That is, forever or until the government postal system crumbles -unlikely to happen in the near future but possible Of course if you believe the post office is on its last legs, you likely support Ron Paul for President.

Here’s how to buy the forever stamps: They’re not an investment. There might be some numismatic or philatelic value to the stamps themselves, but as a way to cut costs it is a loser. Buy them as (more…)

Ron Paul Thinks Abraham Lincoln Goofed.

Filed under: History,Politics — Tags: , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 3:14 pm 2007 December 26

Ron Paul is running for President as a Republican. He has been a member of the US House of Representatives for 18 years. In 1988 he ran for President on the Libertarian Ticket. People are taking note of his cause. Since October 2007 he has raised over 19 million dollars which is more (more…)