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Ricin found in Las Vegas Hotel Room

Filed under: Crime,World — Tags: , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 3:38 pm 2008 February 29

One person is in the hospital with a coma, and six others have been hospitalized for observation. Yet the reports are that this is not related to terrorism. So what is it related to? -A high school chemistry project gone bad? Ricin is made from castor beans and has been used in research to treat cancer patients in diluted amounts.

Ricin will kill you if you ingest the equivalent of one grain of table salt. “The event does not appear to be terrorism related.”FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said.

It seems the only possible explanation that would identify this is not a terrorism related event, is if the guest who had the ricin, was working for a medical agency. Even if this is the case, what was he doing with it in his hotel room?

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