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Baltimore Cop Beats Skateboarder Kid

Filed under: Bizarre News,Law — Tags: , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:24 am 2008 February 16

Ever wonder what Cartman will do when he grows up? Actually this guy is an insult to cartman. Respect my authori-tay. Watch the whole thing it’s amazing. He physically abuses a 14 year old skinny kid. The video was released and the cop was suspended. He needs to be fired and not allowed to be in any public enforcement capacity. He might do well in Iraq, but even then, would you want a guy like this representing you in a foreign country?

Get this. the Baltimore Cop has been suspended with pay. With Pay! Let’s see, hmmm… Go to academy, become a cop, beat up little kids, and get a paid vacation for the effort. The level of abuse we allow at the hands of authority in this country is amazing. Lock the guy up in a high security prison for a few weeks with pay -and cut off his doughnut intake -the tubby fag…

Kudo’s to the kid who had the presence of mind to shoot the whole thing.