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David List Videotapes High School Girls Bathroom

Filed under: Crime — Tags: , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 5:40 pm 2008 March 12

David List, teacher at Mills High school in San Mateo California, used a closet in his classroom that has a common wall to a bathroom to videotape female students. After a search of the teacher’s home, he was arrested on drug charges. The video has been locked away in a safety deposit box until more charges can be developed. Students mentioned that he had postings on youTube that were not really what they would expect of a teacher, but that his class was upbeat and interesting. What kind of industries could David List be involved it?

Dave List will likely need a FutonPoncho, but he’d never get one from us! theFutonPoncho awards are given to newsmakers who screw up in a harmless or even playful way. This guy is just a “%&*#-up”

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