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Tata Peoples Car: Lowest Priced Car in the World

Filed under: Cars — Tags: , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 10:25 am 2008 January 8

The Lowest Price car in the World is Tata Motors “Peoples Car” renamed “Nano” at it’s January 10th launch is about $2500USD, but you have to live in India to get it. So for only about $5000 you can have a beautiful set of Tata’s. It may not have all the features that your Navigator has, but hey, they’re only 2500 bucks each. You would think that with all the economies of scale, the low cost of world shipping today, the huge market that the USA represents, and the resourcefulness of our enterpenuers, that there would be a way to get maybe a $5000 car in the USA.

The lowest price car in the United States is (more…)