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I’m voting for the party of Hot Chicks!

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Sarah Palin in 1984

As if a website character called Paddy Wallbouncer could even vote… If I were more than just an imaginary creation I would vote for the party of Hot Chicks! Undecided’s unite! When choosing a candidate go to the least common denominator and decide for yourself. Americans: Do you want to be represented by people who question America and presume an entitlement philosophy? Do you expect the government to give you free handouts? If so, why not get it from Hot Chicks! A Vote for Hot Chicks is a vote for John McCain, Cindy McCain, and last but certainly not least top babe Sarah Palin

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John McCain: Terrorists Might Try to Sway Election

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Newsflash: in Springfield, Pennsylvania yesterday; John McCain says he worries that terrorists might try to sway elections. Hey John, don’t you think that has already happened? He goes further to say that the sway will take place in the form of increased attacks in Iraq.

Terrorists are going to continue their attacks in Iraq no matter the election. If they were truly interested in swaying the elections to their favor, most agree (more…)

Super Fat Tuesday

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As if we needed another excuse to drink. Today is the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Catholics say it’s the last chance to have a good sinning with food, drink, and debauchery before their 40 day fast begins –ending on Easter Sunday. It’s a pretty easy fast. You get to eat pretty much anything you want, anytime you want, except for Fridays when you can’t eat meat. You get to replace your protein fix with fish. It’s not like Ramadan, where you don’t get to eat for a full month while the sun is shining.

The Muslim fast is probably better for (more…)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver Vote?

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WikiPedia Photo of Maria ShriverArnold Schwarzenegger, actor, Republican Governor of California, and John McCain supporter, probably isn’t sleeping too well these days as his wife has come out in opposition to him; appearing at University of California Campus UCLA in support of Barack Obama.

Maria Shriver, a Chicago native, was the second child of Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the sister of former President John F. Kennedy. Most of the Kennedy family, including the current (more…)