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Stacy Peterson’s Blue Barrel?

Stacy Peterson’s Blue Barrel?

This is a picture of the Blue Barrel Located on The I&M Canal Towpath

I ride the Grand Illinois Trail. I do it almost every day -weather permitting. The Illinois and Michigan Canal joined Lake Michigan with the Illinois River and eventually to the Mississippi river in the mid 1800’s. By some accounts, the I&M canal made Chicago the Midwest trade center that it is today. As the railroad took over as the preferred means of transportation, the trail fell into disrepair. In the last couple of decades it has been rediscovered as a nature preserve and has a bike path that follows it almost the whole length (at least 70-80 miles of it anyway.) Along the path it would not be (more…)

Stacy Peterson Blue Barrel

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On October 26th Stacy Peterson went missing. A relative of Drew helped him move a warm container from the House at the same time as the disappearance. The relative felt he may have unwittingly helped Drew move the body out of the house. Later, it was reportedly a “blue barrel,” and there have been conflicting reports in the media.

On the night of January 25th a contract worker was taking soil samples in a Lyons, Illinois; at a location very near the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. This is the same canal that police divers (more…)