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Ronald Reagan Speech a Poor Attack on Modern Healthcare

Filed under: Health — Tags: , , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:12 am 2013 September 30

Using Ronalds Reagan’s 1961 speech is a poor attack on modern healthcare. Listening to the 10 minute monologue is time well invested from the standpoint of understand how easily people can be moved by an authoritative figure. I always like Ronald Reagan as a president, because his ability to speak was so well honed. Ron could motivate people with his voice. This is what everyone is looking for in a leader. Well, that, and somebody who is forwarding “the right thing to do.” In 1961 America, the right thing to do was to worry about the bomb, rightly or wrongly, as the future will tell, not the well being of the citizenry through healthcare. Using this historical example takes out of context the priorities faced by the people of that bygone era.

Ron say’s: “One of the traditional methods of imposing stateism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine”

Huh? “A traditional method of imposing socialism”

I had no idea there was a time tested method of installing socialism or capitalism for that matter. Ron say’s (paraphrased around 6:34 “that we will take the freedoms of doctors by dictating where they live” end paraphrase) -This doesn’t happen now? and hasn’t happened in every walk of life? Stop waving that “limiting of freedoms” flag. Nobody’s really “free” here or anywhere for that matter. While we were living “free” in the 1960’s USA for example, Russians were going to work, collecting their pay, and spending their weekends down by the river, just like the people of my USA hometown.

Self serving interest has the wealth and ability to paint hundreds of millions of people as living and contributing to “an evil empire.” Hooey to that and Hooey to the present day healthcare system in the United States. The healthcare machine has got to stop the looting in the name of capitalism, especially when it comes to human health. If it weren’t so blatant and ingrained in the process, socialized medicine wouldn’t be an issue. (Really, did I just say Hooey?) Couldn’t one say that the fact that insurance companies even exist is proof that a government by and for the people has failed?