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Why Do So Many People Deny the Climate Change Theory?

Do you trust the science behind the Climate Change Debate?

At this point most Climate Change believers will attack the use of the word “debate”, and say “There is NO DEBATE, the world is heating up and man is responsible.” Any more words or questions will be met with “He is just a denier!” or “I only believe in Science, or “are you a Climate Scientologist?” as though they expect their listener to just say “Oh, ok, that’s right, all debate is over and how dare I question the Scientists.” As though being a scientist disqualifies them from having a vested interest in closing all debate about Climate Change for economic and political gain.

That is not debate nor dialogue.

The Climate Change denier does not want to destroy the Earth, even though there are some people who believe they do, by just being skeptical of their science. Why can’t Climate Change deniers love the environment and want to protect it for future generations? They do. They just don’t buy the doom & gloom narrative from the Climate Change denier deniers. It may be (more…)

Asteroid Destruction Headed toward Neighboring Mars

 In 1908 a space object hit near the Tunguska River in Siberia, causing an explosion equaling 20 mega tons of TNT or 1000 times stronger than the atomic blast in Hiroshima Japan. Whether it was an asteroid or comet was contested until recently where scientists found little evidence of material that would make up a comet.

Today, a similar event could happen on the Mars surface according to researchers in NASA’s NEO Program (Near Earth Objects.) The finding is significant because only in the last few years have scientist been able to detect and confirm objects that might be termed celestial weapons of mass destruction.

JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientists place the likelihood of the Mars impact at 1:300.  Because of the limited atmosphere on Mars, the impact would send dust and debris high into the atmosphere. Depending on the location, it may be visible from Earth’s telescopes.