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Find the Tom Cruise Scientology Video

Filed under: Bizarre News,Celebrities,Religion — Tags: , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 12:59 pm 2008 January 15

The Tom Cruise Scientology video was on yesterday before it was promptly taken off.  theFutonPoncho was able to find a source that had copied the video and presented it on their website. He uses strange acronyms like SP which is supposed to mean “Suppressive Person” and KSW, meaning “Keep Scientology Working” Just want the world needs… an acronym religion.

Here are some Excerpts:

    “You’re either on board or you’re not on board”
    “We are the authorities on getting people off drugs”
    “We are the authorities on improving conditions”
    “We can rehabilitate criminals”
    “We can bring peace an unite cultures”

You can find the website that is still presenting it by following the link at (more…)