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British Uniforms Banned Amidst Beheading Threats

Islamists protest Peterborough RAF Courtesy British government has caved to Islamist extremism against the British Royal Air Force (RAF) Wittering in Peterborough. There have been incidents of verbal abuses against the RAF servicemen, and in response, the RAF management has ordered their servicemen not to wear uniforms in public.

This is not the first time servicemen have been given such commands. Extremists have made credible threats in other parts of Britain including (more…)

Scientology Fraud Exposed Ex-Scientology Kids Speak

ExScientology Kids
I was born. I grew up I escaped.

This is the header of the new website

They explain right from the beginning that they are attempting to be non-judgmental, but that doesn’t mean non-biased. The three women who started the website; Kendra Wiseman, Jenna Miscavige Hill and Astra Woodcraft explain that they grew up with scientology, and left for various reasons. One said she was allegedly pressured by the church to have an abortion, and another is directly (more…)

Mormon Massacre Mountain Meadows Utah

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In 1857, a massacre took place in Mountain Meadow Utah. Only until very recently has it leaked that the massacre was initiated by members of the Mormon Church, and not the Paiute Indians as it was originally reported. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints apologized for the event on September 11, 2007 but deny that church leader Brigham Young had any involvement.

Chairwoman of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Southern Utah, Lora Tom explained that due to fear of Church reprisals the tribe kept silent on the issue, and they (more…)

Lane Bryant Victims Funeral Protest

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theFutonPoncho gets its share of wacko emails, but this must surely take the cake. The next time you are going to send around an email extolling the evils of Muslims and Islamic jihad, you only need to look out your back door. After all, Timothy McVeigh went to his death believing he was a patriot.

A Group lead by Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas regularly travels the country protesting funerals. Yes. They protest funerals. How nice, you might think, they truly feel (more…)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Beatles Indian Guru Dies

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who gained celebrity through his association with the Beatles in 1968, is reportedly dead. Yogi used Transcendental Meditation to reach new levels of spiritual awareness. Dr. Hook parodied the association in his song “Cover of the Rolling Stone” with the lyrics: “We’ve got a genuine Indian Guru, teachin’ us a better way”

Mahesh Yogi wrote a book which sold over a million copies entitled (more…)

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