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Shopping Mall Explosion in Waukegan Illinois

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An Explosion ripped through a shopping mall in Waukegan Illinois suburb of Chicago. Police have evacuated entire blocks around the explosion as cars and firefighters are assessing the situation. Reports currently are no fatalities but they’ve confirmed that nine people are injured. Firefighters on the scene, fear gas leaks and with that, have evacuated entire blocks and closed streets around the explosion. Police chief Bill Biang says “It appears to be a [natural] gas explosion at this time.

The explosion seems to have originated at Cleopatra’s Unisex hair salon at 1926 Grand Avenue where five of the nine injured were located. They believe there may be one more person trapped. Other stores affected were Tuxedo World, Cellular Concepts, and a travel agency.

Fortunately, it does not appear that there have been any fatalities. The explosion happened at about 12:30 local time.

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Win a Date with Drew Peterson

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Win a Date with Drew? He would have to be out of his mind to accept any romantic overtures -especially one that was a part of some kind of competition. What makes the story so amazing is that the subject is a prime suspect of a potential murder investigation.

Drew Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson has been missing for a few months now and because of the light shed on his personal life, his third wife (Kathleen Savio)’s death has been called into question.

Speculation as to whether Stacy was murdered by drew has lead to heated exchanges. Drew contends his innocence and that (more…)