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Refugee Crisis, Illegal Immigration and a Need for Sponsorship?

By New York Public Library [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Is America ready for everyone who wants to be here? Probably Not!

With all the threats and mischief being thrust upon the United States, is there any wonder that there is such a backlash to the immigration issues?

We need a way of getting both sides of this issue to come together for the sake of inclusion. The left feels that we should allow anyone in, no matter the circumstances of the situation without any regard to the culture that exists in the USA. The right feels there needs to be some kind of restrictions in place to allow for assimilation into our culture. We now have general strikes and rioting occurring everywhere in the United States over these cultural issues.

Is this going to help the situation of the refugees and immigrants? Probably not!

American Culture has been through many migrations over the past 300 years. We have had (more…)

Prison Terms for Eye Exams

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Nonie from Melbourne, Australia, A-Block at Alcatraz (2206096229), CC BY 2.0

theFutonPoncho may be gear to wear when your head is in the air, but it might also be something you put on, something you wear, to shield you from the outrageous-ness of everyday life in America. Everywhere you turn, laws are being enacted to “protect us” from the outside world. Has anyone thought to take into consideration how we’ll enforce all these laws?

Illinois legislature recently passed a law requiring parents to have their children pass an eye exam before they are allowed to attend school. The wording on the street is that optometrists are “worried” about (more…)

Businessman Sues for Lapdance Injury

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Photo from the WebsiteOh Baby -thank you Stephen Chang. You just helped us identify another possible recipient for theFutonPoncho award! Mr. Chang was at Hot Lap Dance Club near Madison Square Garden when the stripper swiveled and smacked him in the face with the heel of her shoe. The Associated Press contacted the manager of the Hot Lap Dance Club who said he was unaware of the accident or the lawsuit.

That stripper might have mis-stepped but where was this guy’s head anyway?

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

Have you ever tried RSS? It’s where you add our website headlines to your homepage. Click the RSS icon in the sidebar to add us. We’ve made a video that shows you how. See it here Not Liable for Illegal ads

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In a return to common sense, a federal appeals court has found that Craigslist is not liable for discriminatory housing ads posted on its site. A group of Chicago lawyers sued the website because some of the ads contained on the website included notices that discriminated against minorities. A three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit of the U.S Court of Appeals said simply: Craigslist is not a publisher of these ads in the same way a newspaper would be. They said, “the website is more like an intermediary carrying information from (more…)

Baltimore Cop Beats Skateboarder Kid

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Ever wonder what Cartman will do when he grows up? Actually this guy is an insult to cartman. Respect my authori-tay. Watch the whole thing it’s amazing. He physically abuses a 14 year old skinny kid. The video was released and the cop was suspended. He needs to be fired and not allowed to be in any public enforcement capacity. He might do well in Iraq, but even then, would you want a guy like this representing you in a foreign country?

Get this. the Baltimore Cop has been suspended with pay. With Pay! Let’s see, hmmm… Go to academy, become a cop, beat up little kids, and get a paid vacation for the effort. The level of abuse we allow at the hands of authority in this country is amazing. Lock the guy up in a high security prison for a few weeks with pay -and cut off his doughnut intake -the tubby fag…

Kudo’s to the kid who had the presence of mind to shoot the whole thing.

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