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Mormon Massacre Mountain Meadows Utah

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In 1857, a massacre took place in Mountain Meadow Utah. Only until very recently has it leaked that the massacre was initiated by members of the Mormon Church, and not the Paiute Indians as it was originally reported. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints apologized for the event on September 11, 2007 but deny that church leader Brigham Young had any involvement.

Chairwoman of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Southern Utah, Lora Tom explained that due to fear of Church reprisals the tribe kept silent on the issue, and they (more…)

Department of Homeland Security Mexican Border Fence

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Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff says detractors to the security fence at the Mexican border need to “Grow up.”

“I can guarantee you that If we don’t make this change eventually there will come a time that someone will come across the border, exploiting the vulnerabilities in the system and some bad stuff will happen and then there’ll be another 9-11 commission…”

What would you expect from a guy who owes his commission to (more…)

What are the Iowa Caucuses anyway?

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Individual states in the US have a way of giving their nod to the people who they think are best fit to become President. Most call these processes “primary’s.”  In Iowa, it’s called a caucus.

There are 99 counties in Iowa. Every two years, in each of the 1784 precincts within these counties, there is a political meeting called a caucus. Every other caucus year is the presidential preference meeting. The Iowa Caucuses receive the most attention because (more…)

Ron Paul Thinks Abraham Lincoln Goofed.

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Ron Paul is running for President as a Republican. He has been a member of the US House of Representatives for 18 years. In 1988 he ran for President on the Libertarian Ticket. People are taking note of his cause. Since October 2007 he has raised over 19 million dollars which is more (more…)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Becomes a Catholic

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Tony Blair decided to switch religions. He was formerly a part of the Church of England (the COE) also referred to as the Anglican Church. Speculation centers on his switch to Catholicism as an opportunity to receive holy communion and be forgiven for all his sins committed while in office. Others note that his wife and four children are Catholic, and the change was seen as a natural progression which was one that should wait until his duties as Prime Minister were complete.

Catholicism has a notorious past in England. Guy Fawks, a catholic terrorist in England, attempted to blow up the Parliament buildings on November 5 1605. His plan was foiled by the righteous powers of government at the time, and after a confession obtained under torture, he and his conspirators were summarily executed. (more…)