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Don’t Ever Talk to the Police

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Don’t Ever Talk to Police
It’s counter intuitive, but you should never under any circumstances talk to the police. Anything you say can be used against you. But did you know this: By the rules of the American system of Justice and evidence, anything you say in your favor to police specifically cannot be used for your defense in court. Here is an excellent video by Law Professor James Duane, It is a 27 minute video and has a response by a Veteran Police detective for an additional 20 minutes or so, but every American should watch this video and really understand your rights in a Police situation. This will help you understand the reason that Police must issue a Miranda warning at the beginning of any arrest.

Professor Duane

Response by Officer George Bruch


How to Stop NIU Style Massacres

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Three Point Plan:

1. Enact legislation that requires gun ownership, then make it illegal to draw guns in public. If you draw you gun in public, you risk a 10 year prison sentence unless it is in verifiable self-defense. With approximately 150 students in the hall at the time of the shooting, how many holes would this NIU shooter have in him before he fired a second shot?

2. Enact Legislation that bans publicizing the name of the perpetrator. There’s got to be some morbid fame seeking behavior here that can be easily avoided. If a nut-job knew he would not have (more…)