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Bend over, it’s time for a new look at Broadband Service Not Liable for Illegal ads

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In a return to common sense, a federal appeals court has found that Craigslist is not liable for discriminatory housing ads posted on its site. A group of Chicago lawyers sued the website because some of the ads contained on the website included notices that discriminated against minorities. A three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit of the U.S Court of Appeals said simply: Craigslist is not a publisher of these ads in the same way a newspaper would be. They said, “the website is more like an intermediary carrying information from (more…)

Did You Google Me?

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Earlier this year, Google reported that at least half of all users have googled themselves. If they googled themselves, how many do you think googled other people? Probably every one of them. This report says 50 million names are googled each day! Don’t you want to know who’s googling you? You can nearly pinpoint the location, and with a little more effort, soon you’ll be able to identify users by name -then privacy becomes an issue. Who’s googling me? Here’s a way you can find out with, and a short news story about Ziggs.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

Google Health Records

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Google is going into the health record keeping business. They’re testing a system with the Cleveland Clinic where patients can look up their information online. The patient can control who gets to see their online records.

Anyone who’s visited the doctor in the last few years is aware about privacy requirements on the part of the provider. The United States enacted legislation called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. (HIPAA) This legislation protects the individual by making sure the patient gives clear consent to parties requesting information. The problem is, it has (more…)

Ebay Boycott Cancelled

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Or is it? A few weeks ago Ebay announced new listing fees for sellers. In effect, it lowers the upfront cost of listing a product, but increases the overall cost once the item is sold. The idea is based upon sales success, and it has done nothing but enraged sellers. The new fees have enraged them so much, some sellers are calling for a boycott between the dates of February 18 and February 25, 2008.

Ebay has relented somewhat. They’ve changed their policies concerning media and category-specific pricing. This change has been planned for some time but the threatened “seller strike” seems to have put the company into (more…)

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