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Oksana Pasha Grishuk Pictures GBH Date Rape Drug

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grishukplatov_250_wikipedia.jpgPasha Grishuk Holds Olympic gold medals from the 1994 and 1998 events. Now 35, living in Southern California, a half of a dissolved GBH pill was discovered in her drink at a California Hotel. Pictured here is Oksana with her 1994 skating partner Evgeny Platov

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Madonna Divorce: She’s Leaving London for New York

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Madonna stock photo courtesy Show Biz Spy
Madonna is splitting with her English husband Guy Ritchie and is moving back to New York. Guy Ritchie didn’t show up at Madonna’s induction to the Rock “n” Roll Hall of Fame and rumors are floating of their eminent break up. According to sources the split is amicable, it is just that the couple have fallen out of love with each other. Madonna has been on the road promoting her new album Hard Candy while guy is working on movie projects. The couple wed in 2000.

Madonna is moving her kids: Lourdes 11, Rocco 7, and David Banda 2 to an undisclosed New York location. David Banda joined the family recently as a result of a 2006 adoption. The celebrities say they will have nothing to say about the split for at least 18 months. Rumors fly the reason for this is another pending adoption. “It might be unrelated, (more…)

Dawn Wells Marijuana

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Dawn Wells Mary Ann of Gilligan Island courtesy Dawn-Wells com

Sing along …
the Millionaire
and his wife,
the Movie Star,
the Professor and Mary Jane,

er wait I meant Mary Ann.

Freudian slip? Dawn Wells played the part of Mary Ann in the 60’s TV hit Gilligan Island. On February 29 she was sentenced to five days in jail and $410.50 according to the Associated Press.

Dawn was driving home from her surprise 69th birthday party when Teton County sheriffs Deputy Joseph Gutierrez pulled her over for swerving and speeding up and slowing down. When he asked her about (more…)

Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures

Jenna Jameson wearing Pleather

Jenna Jameson Peta

Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures. Pleather is made of plastic. Plastic comes from crude oil production. Yes, that same production that produces green house gas that kills polar bears. Maybe the title of this story should be PETA: Society for the Advancement of Polar Bear Death.

Thanks Peta.

But SAPBD just doesn’t roll off the tongue so nice.

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Jenna Jameson is posing for shots in a Peta campaign called: Pleather Yourself.  Pleather is apparently plastic leather. Plastic is a petroleum based product. So while PETA forwards the ethical treatment of animals they are also also seemingly all on board with (more…)

Jack Nicholson Hillary Clinton Video

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This is just great. Leave it to jack to put together a video for Hillary Clinton. We all know that Hollywood celebrities are not always the best judges of our country leadership, but maybe we should make an exception for Jack. Here’s Johnny:

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