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RSA Video Language as a Window to Human Nature

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RSA Video Language as a Window to Human Nature and Social Relations

A brief 10 minute lecture on language with live drawings of cartoons as the video portion of the speech. Refers to situations in the movie “Fargo” and “When Harry Met Sally.” Well done. (more…)

Can Microbial Remediation Stop the Gulf of Mexico Oil?

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The Key Question is can Microbial Remediation on a massive scale stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill problems? With the Recent Oil Spill in the Gulf why isn’t British Petroleum using more bio remediation in their plans to stop the harmful effects of the oil spill?

Here’s a youtube video explaining the process:

Try a google search for something like

Microbial Remediation Oil problems

and nothing comes up. Problems to this technology just don’t seem to exist! And it is less expensive according to the video. What is stopping our government and BP from installing these measures post haste? Oil is now staining Daupin Island, Alabama, the coastline in Louisiana and it will not be long before the southern beaches of Florida will be affected. Imagine what they’ll have to rename Clearwater? Sludgewater? And the smell of true crude is awful. This is not your used refined oil smell that you might take out of your car, That is basically odorless. Imagine a sludge that is formed of, and smells like death and decomposition. Transocean employees surely know this as they were working on the oil rig that exploded. Deepwater Horizon is the new Exxon Valdez, supplanted in infamy based on the size of the massive spill off American waters.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

I Want Some Tarp

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I want some tarp video. If you didn’t already know, Tarp stands for Troubled Assets Relief Program. It was about 750 billion dollars. The Bush administration spent half of it and left the other half for the Obama Administration. It will be interesting to see the results. The song is certainly spot on.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

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Visa IPO Price Set

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Picture of the Visa Credit Card LogoAbout $44 per share, and 17.9 billion dollars in market capital. It’s just the natural course of things. Create a company that is based upon building up debt. Get the debt up to record levels! Just as it looks as though major defaults may be around the corner, spin the company off in an IPO! That way, when all the Visa credit card users are up to their hats in debt and start a massive round of defaults, have the investors of the shiny new Visa IPO pick up the tab. And did you read that the Investment houses like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs made sure they had their best clients buy up the stock to thwart a rapid sell off ala Blackstone? It seems more like they were dumping it off to the ones more likely to be able to afford living with a dog with fleas. Who says they don’t have a heart?

And it was a big day on Wall Street. The Dow was up, the NASDAQ closed up over 4% It’s been a few years since they had that kind of gain, of course don’t forget that (more…)

Sharper Image Bankruptcy

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Like an end of another era, Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy. Remember getting those catalogs and thinking “Wow, this is pretty cool stuff!” It’s hard to believe the company is actually 31years old. There always seemed to be something that was cutting edge, new, or just plain interesting. Getting the catalog and reading the stories around the products was fun to do.

In recent years though, it seemed the only thing they ever had were what seemed to be over priced air purification systems. The numbers bore this out as recently. Those purification systems made up (more…)

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