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Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures

Jenna Jameson wearing Pleather

Jenna Jameson Peta

Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures. Pleather is made of plastic. Plastic comes from crude oil production. Yes, that same production that produces green house gas that kills polar bears. Maybe the title of this story should be PETA: Society for the Advancement of Polar Bear Death.

Thanks Peta.

But SAPBD just doesn’t roll off the tongue so nice.

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Jenna Jameson is posing for shots in a Peta campaign called: Pleather Yourself.  Pleather is apparently plastic leather. Plastic is a petroleum based product. So while PETA forwards the ethical treatment of animals they are also also seemingly all on board with (more…)

David Motari Marine Puppy Toss Video

Filed under: Animals,Crime,World — Tags: , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:03 pm 2008 March 3

Here’s a video that was obviously staged, yet people have become very incensed by its existence. It wasn’t a good idea to make this video. Staged or not, the person or people responsible should be punished. It demonstrates that the American Soldier is an evil creep that should be despised. If the video is pulled and it likely will be, please comment and we will offer a link to other sources.

Yep; Sure enough, It got pulled. A link to an independent source is here.

We think the video was staged Here’s Why: (more…)