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If you get that “go jump off a bridge” look from your friends,

Go Jump off a bridge at theFutonPoncho

you may need a Futon Poncho, to escape without a scratch.

theFutonPoncho is about anything and everything that may be or may not be worth writing or even reading about. Enter at your own risk. If it’s commentary on commentary, how deep can you go?

theFutonPoncho is commentary on commentary on today’s news and views. If it’s here, it’s probably attributable at some point to a major news organization like AP, Reuters, The Times London, The Independent, New York Times, New York Post, USA today, etc. but commentary and opinions are not fake news, they are opinions, or observations of the Author’s choosing. If you find it offensive, please accept our apology, and please stop torturing yourself and read someplace else, we’ll try not to be offended by your offended position.