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Refugee Crisis, Illegal Immigration and a Need for Sponsorship?

By New York Public Library [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Is America ready for everyone who wants to be here? Probably Not!

With all the threats and mischief being thrust upon the United States, is there any wonder that there is such a backlash to the immigration issues?

We need a way of getting both sides of this issue to come together for the sake of inclusion. The left feels that we should allow anyone in, no matter the circumstances of the situation without any regard to the culture that exists in the USA. The right feels there needs to be some kind of restrictions in place to allow for assimilation into our culture. We now have general strikes and rioting occurring everywhere in the United States over these cultural issues.

Is this going to help the situation of the refugees and immigrants? Probably not!

American Culture has been through many migrations over the past 300 years. We have had trouble with discrimination every time.  Laws have been written and passed to allow a smooth transition for our immigrants. But since 1986, when the last immigration reform law was passed, there has been a complete disregard of US immigration law. Now, 31 years later, we are faced with approximately 12 million undocumented workers/illegal immigrants, that have been here for some time. The left feels that these people are absolutely part of the American fabric and have the right to be citizens. The right feels that the illegal immigrants need to follow the law.  It is not fair to the legal immigrants for these people to come here with total disregard for the law.

The refugee problem is another issue that has to be dealt with at the same time as the illegal immigration issue. This makes for a very difficult time for our Republic and culture.

The United States has prided itself on being the Melting Pot of the World, but we have always had laws that restricted immigration from all other countries, even laws that restricted people from certain countries. In the past migration periods, the department of immigration has always been restrictive and discriminatory by nature. In our past immigration events, we have rejected people based on health, age, diseases, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, educational qualifications, and national origin. This maybe why the rightists has rejected the leftists view point of “all are welcome” and “bring everybody with.”  The rightist wants all the immigration laws followed.

Now we have the refugees from the Middle East that has added to the strain on the department of immigration. With a Visa system and laws to protect the population from terrorist activities, the immigrants have a long waiting period from certain Middle Eastern countries, and Donald J. Trump has signed an Executive Order to place extreme vetting procedures over certain known terrorist supporting countries. This has the left incensed with anger and resentment toward the President. They use images of woman and children looking pitiful and afraid, even when it’s painfully obvious that the majority of refugees are young military age men. This type of misrepresentation is unacceptable by the right, and rightly so!

Both the illegal immigration and refugee issues have some of the same rooted humanitarian issues at play. The people of Mexico and countries south, are migrating to the United States for a chance at a better life and security, in person and in property. A life that they have not been afforded in their homeland. The same can be said of the Islamic Refugees coming from the Middle East, Northern Africa, and other regions. At this juncture, the immigration issue has exploded on the political scene and has polarized the Left and the Right.

Now we need an answer to our problem.

Maybe we should think of the United States as a very exclusive country club, which it is, as evidenced by the amount of legal immigration applications the US receives.With the flagrant illegal immigration that has occurred, and still occurs, add to that a refugee crises, our Republic is in a predicament. Exclusive country club applicants require a sponsor. The sponsor is required to help the new entrant to assimilate into the culture already present in the country club. If the applicant breaks the rules of the club, or does not conform to the culture, they kick him out, and the sponsor is held responsible for the costs and bad behavior.  That is what we need in our immigration policies, some accountability.  An American Citizen with the financial means to sponsor a family of immigrants, should sponsor a family if they want to. All new immigrants would need to go through a tough vetting process and then be required to live with a sponsoring family to help them assimilate in to the Culture of the United States for 5 years.

I am sure it isn’t as easy as all that, and that there are other reforms that have to be addressed, but it would help the overall situation to have some accountability and foster an assimilation process, that is lacking right now.


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