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Europe; The Next Conservative Takeover?

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Brexit and election of Donald Trump has sent shock waves through the liberal press and Democratic elite. They are offended by statements like “America First” and “Make America Great Again”. The liberals and Democratic elite have decided that rioting and destruction of property is their best hope for their future.

The liberals have fought every decision our new president has made, even when they have endorsed such actions in the past. They keep calling conservatives and Republicans names and want to shut down anyone’s free speech that doesn’t agree with their ideology. This has become a national tragedy in the making.

Let’s step back and try to see the bigger picture. For too long the left has claimed that the world needs to just follow along with their Utopian, peace loving, everyone get along ideology, and anyone that doesn’t agree will be shut out of the discussion for the sake of unanimous agreement. Now they find themselves in a bit of a pickle and are resorting to violent protests. They are threatening the life of a sitting president and calling for a military coup too. They will not attend proceedings for nomination of any of the President’s picks for his cabinet or for the Supreme Court. This is not the Democratic process they claim to uphold.

The President of the United States issued a few Executive Orders to combat the influx of immigrants; with the threat of further vetting legal immigrants, and a quicker deportation of known illegals, the liberals warn of a complete meltdown of our government. Even though Donald J. Trump told us during his campaign that this was exactly what he was going to do. These policies and their implementation are no suprise, yet liberal thinkers seem to react as though they have been blindsided and cry for him to slow down.

Let’s step even further back and look at the world political stage. The European governments are watching and wondering what will become of this. The liberals believe that the European countries will never begin to unravel the EU, even with all the violence and mayhem being thrust upon their people. They went through an economic meltdown worse than the USA and with an influx of immigrants from the Middle East, they have seen their beloved traditions and customs being trampled and destroyed. As these things happen the electorate of these countries must be asking themselves, “how did we get here?”

The winds are blowing harder everyday and the people of Europe must be starting to question the validity of the course they are on. With the prediction of a Muslim majority by 2050 or even sooner, the electorate there has been wondering what will become of their beloved homelands? Is the conservative take over of the European countries inevitable? Just like the United States, they are ripe for a rejection of the liberal narrative. These people have a very long history of having to fight to keep what is theirs. The UK sent a shot across the bow with Brexit. The election of Donald J. Trump has sent a ripple effect across the world. Are the European countries following these historical changes of ideologies? Of course they are.

They see a movement towards self awareness and putting individual countries first. They too have probably had enough of this watering down of their culture and that which they hold near and dear, for the sake of inclusion of other cultures that do not hold to the same ideals. The human race has always gravitated to be with like minded people. Of course, our culture has to evolve, but not at a break neck speed, leaving a majority of the electorate behind wondering what will become of our beloved cultures.

With the breakdown of religious institutions, the rise of secular ideologies, and a lull in the compassion for the less fortunate, the left seem to have forgotten that they have to build a consensus to their ideology. They lost this some time ago and did not realize this, and seem to not understand that their message has been garbled for some time now. The liberals have decided to stay their course and continue the narrative of some ill conceived notion of “if we just show these people love and respect they will assimilate and become like us.” But, the people that are being brought in to these countries are not assimilating into those cultures. The people of Europe are waking up to this fact and will lash out at the liberals for insisting that they accept these people at all costs. The liberals need  to slow down too, and let these people catch up, or at least allow for a change in the narrative. A narrative that is more inclusive to the electorate. The narrative has become their worst enemy in the need for inclusion, but has become an exclusionary element to the people. Some highly focused liberals have even started to eat from their own base. They have thrown gays, immigrants, atheists, and even other truly liberal people under a bus, because they haven’t gone along with their narrative. Liberals seem to have lumped groups of their own constituents into what they identify as “deplorable,” further turning their base of support elsewhere.

How will this combative trend effect the majority of the proud peoples of those European countries? My guess is that we may already be at the point of no return. The EU was established to give the Europeans a stronger trading block to compete in the world markets, but the people of Europe have become disillusioned with the liberal agenda. With the changes in the political atmosphere and the insistence of being open minded to immigration and forsaking national identity; many countries including France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Italy, are ready to take a nationalistic stance, they are proud of their nation and heritage too, after all.

With the onslaught of liberal ideology and a “waking up” to the dangers of negative native population growth, the people of the European Union have become aware of the dangers of unfettered immigration from the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Far East. They have watched their beloved countries take on a feel and flavor of these immigrants. Attacks on the populace, the need to take care of these immigrants/refugees and the economic costs associated with them have caused a rise of conservatism in the EU.

Their elections fast approaching and the same movement that caused Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has been very active and may be hitting the same nerve that this movement hit with Brexit in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the United States.

I have a feeling the Liberal Democratic movement is seeing a dark cloud of rejection coming their way. People are tired of being called nasty names and having any discussion about key issues shut down by the liberals with a ism, ist, or phobic statement that the liberal uses to close them out.

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