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Why Do So Many People Deny the Climate Change Theory?

Do you trust the science behind the Climate Change Debate?

At this point most Climate Change believers will attack the use of the word “debate”, and say “There is NO DEBATE, the world is heating up and man is responsible.” Any more words or questions will be met with “He is just a denier!” or “I only believe in Science, or “are you a Climate Scientologist?” as though they expect their listener to just say “Oh, ok, that’s right, all debate is over and how dare I question the Scientists.” As though being a scientist disqualifies them from having a vested interest in closing all debate about Climate Change for economic and political gain.

That is not debate nor dialogue.

The Climate Change denier does not want to destroy the Earth, even though there are some people who believe they do, by just being skeptical of their science. Why can’t Climate Change deniers love the environment and want to protect it for future generations? They do. They just don’t buy the doom & gloom narrative from the Climate Change denier deniers. It may bethat because the Climate Change deniers have been around long enough, they see these same groups pushing an agenda to control the food supply, energy output, healthcare, and everything else they deem necessary to control for the common good of humanity,  all while setting up a program or industry to service their agenda.

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Why do so many people deny the Climate Change theory?

The Climate Change denier has heard the argument about Climate Change, all their lives. They feel they have been lied to by the powers that be, and the new (or should I say old) vogue theory of Climate Change comes along and suddenly there is a disaster about to strike. (Again). The problem for the Climatologists and Climate Change denier deniers is that the Climate Change deniers don’t trust the narrative. They have seen or heard of too much corruption and outright thievery of the political/intellectual classes. They don’t trust the people putting out the narrative.

I remember being told we were heading into a Ice Age when I was 10, because we had some really cold and snowy winters. Then when that didn’t go, the narrative changed to global warming and it took off like a fire cracker. It became a household word and the world stood up and noticed the coming doom, and the Climatologists saw great potential in power and control over all humanity in the name of protection and security. The industrialized world wanted to make binding agreements to lessen the impact of their industry on the environment. (A noble and good thing, by the way). But, then came the questions and concerns of less developed countries and how would they compete on the world stage, if the developed world controled their destiny by controlling their output. So, the industrialized world said they wanted to have a carbon tax/credit on each country and have each country buy and sell carbon credits between themselves. (Can we see how this is ripe for corruption and absolute scamming?) When the USA decided to reject the agreement the Climate Change denier deniers decided to double down again. They enlisted help from Hollywood and from well known political celebrities. They made some very professionally made documentaries and movies with the global warming theme. Even Mr. Al Gore made an appearance and made a documentary/movie to highlight the effects of global warming. He quoted science, it was so convincing and urgent. He made predictions and called us all to action. As the years passed and we were involved in two wars, the fight with global terrorism, the worldwide economic meltdown and joblessness. The predictions made by the Climate change denier deniers weren’t working out and were falling apart. The narrative needed some tweaking and Global Warming evolved into Climate Change. When we didn’t have of the predicted outcomes, and we had some cold snaps and winter storms (or in newspeak: Arctic Vortex) the Climate Change denier deniers said these storms and weather systems are caused by Climate Change, and that it would only intensify and destroy the world.   The Climate Change denier deniers kept with the same program and expected a different outcome.

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Climate Change denier deniers claim that the Earth cannot wait and have even made predictions of the coming doom. Like Mr. Al Gore’s prediction that the ice caps on the Arctic Ocean would be gone by 2013, and that the Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow cap would be gone by 2015. Most have now been debunked and have not happened as predicted. But, instead of admitting that we need more research and accurate information, the Climate Change denier, deniers have doubled down on their claims of doom. We now have a professor claiming that we have already passed the point of no return on the environmental disaster about to strike like viper on the world. (Scary Stuff, makes me want to share it on Facebook and scare all my friends too.) 

The Climate Change deniers have been accused of being funded/influenced by the Koch Brothers and the dirty industries they represent. And that is why the Climate Change denier deniers need more government grants and contracts to combat these evil forces. Even though the Climate Change denier deniers have the Universities, EPA, Elected officials and Hollywood on the bandwagon for promotion of the coming disaster they call Climate Change.

The Climate Change denier deniers have even resorted to manipulation of data used to push their agenda. This has mostly been glossed over by the main stream media. It doesn’t fit the narrative, so it doesn’t need to be reported.

The Climate Change denier deniers have decided that any input from the Climate Change deniers are not needed nor wanted. They believe that they can shut down all debate, dialogue and conversation about Climate Change by just calling the Climate Change deniers a litany of ism’s and phobe’s and that will shut down the opposition to the narrative. It has worked wonderfully at the Universities. The student body and faculty have decided to shut down any debate or dialogue on Climate Change or political opposition to the left leaning narrative, in the name of diversity and inclusion. They now need safe spaces and councillors to help the youth not feel bad. How have we got here? Does this make sense? In high school speech class we learned to debate by taking on a side of an argument (even if you personally opposed the position you were asked take) and debate another student, but today we seem to have a different mind set. We must agree or you will be banned, ridiculed, belittled and shouted down by some group or by the University itself.

It sounds reminiscent of the 2016 election cycle. The Democrats tried these tactics in the General Election. The Main Steam Media, Government people, Hollywood, and Universities, all discounted the possibility of Donald Trump winning the election. They ignored, belittled and called anyone that spoke against the narrative nasty names (Deplorable, basement dwellers and fairy tale believers.) They just kept on stepping on their opponents without having any true debate or dialogue. It descended to sound bites and one liners to oppose the narrative. They couldn’t fathom that the electorate would go so far as to actually vote this, deplorable, homophobic, bigot, womanizer and down right nasty individual as President of the United States. But, the deplorable’s did! The Universities needed more safe spaces, councillors, play doh, and coloring books. They protested, yelled, cried, and tried to make a mockery of our Constitutional Republic. Nothing was Sacred and all must burn, and they still held to the old and stale narrative. And these people are our brightest and smartest?


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