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Thought Police: The end of critical debate

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Thought Police: The end of critical debate. With the election behind us, the electorate has descended into the mire of think as I think or you are a wrong. Both sides are guilty of this terrible and devious development. We need to have debate and dialogue among the different ideologies. The discussion is healthy for our Republic. We need each other.

In the past we could speak, think and try to get our personal view of issues across to others without fear of being ridiculed, belittled, and harassed by people of differing opinions, but with the advent of the internet and more importantly social media, we have descended into a sense of self empowerment of our opinions. The schools have become a bastion of liberal thought and have now shut any differing opinions out. If you want to debate, and they do not agree with you, they become agitated and claim the right to shut you down, because you have offended them, or even worse “You might offend someone or group”. Have we become so sensitive that we no longer can debate?

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