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Atlas Shrugged Movie Part One Voting Now Open

Filed under: Movie News — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 8:42 pm 2011 March 3

Atlas Shrugged Movie Part One Voting Now Open, Who is John Galt, and If you had a blockbuster how would you feed it to the public?

In two servings of course, you’d want to really milk them for everything they can spare. You’ve got to hand it to David O. Selsnick… What? Giving us “Gone with the Wind” in one big three scoop serving was just not capitalist you say? What was he thinking?

Why not make it a miniseries or do a Kill Bill and really squeeze every dollar possible. I swear. That is undoubtedly what Ayn Rand would have done! Kudo’s.

Altas Schrugged

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