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Can Microbial Remediation Stop the Gulf of Mexico Oil?

Filed under: Business,Energy,Science — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 5:19 pm 2010 June 2

The Key Question is can Microbial Remediation on a massive scale stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill problems? With the Recent Oil Spill in the Gulf why isn’t British Petroleum using more bio remediation in their plans to stop the harmful effects of the oil spill?

Here’s a youtube video explaining the process:

Try a google search for something like

Microbial Remediation Oil problems

and nothing comes up. Problems to this technology just don’t seem to exist! And it is less expensive according to the video. What is stopping our government and BP from installing these measures post haste? Oil is now staining Daupin Island, Alabama, the coastline in Louisiana and it will not be long before the southern beaches of Florida will be affected. Imagine what they’ll have to rename Clearwater? Sludgewater? And the smell of true crude is awful. This is not your used refined oil smell that you might take out of your car, That is basically odorless. Imagine a sludge that is formed of, and smells like death and decomposition. Transocean employees surely know this as they were working on the oil rig that exploded. Deepwater Horizon is the new Exxon Valdez, supplanted in infamy based on the size of the massive spill off American waters.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

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