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Charles Manson Murders New Gravesides Discovered

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Charles Manson Mugshot courtesy Wikipedia.orgCharles Manson was well known in the 60’s for the murder arrest and conviction of what was called at the time the “Manson Family” Tate and LaBianca Murders which happened over a period of two days. Charles Manson and his band of mostly women, killed among others, Sharon Tate, an eight and a half month pregnant woman. Manson was sentenced to death but later had the sentence commuted to life in prison. The story was shocking back in 1969 when it broke and is equally chilling when you consider this case has been closed for almost 40 years and new evidence of the vicousness of the Manson family come to light. Manson expected the end of the world and called the end “Helter Skelter” a popular song at the time written and performed by the Beatles.

After police searched their Spahn Ranch the group fled to their Barker Ranch in Death Valley California where Manson was taken into custody. The Baker ranch was never searched as diligently as the Spahn Ranch, which was part of the reason for the focus on the Death Valley ranch. Researchers Arpad Vass and Marc Wise of from Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently used chemical technology to identify likely grave sites previously undiscovered. Search dogs were used to identify possible sites then the scientists used their technology to narrow the locations.

The technology relies on the fact that fluoride is added to most supplies of human drinking water. This allows the researchers to differentiate human from animal remains. There is speculation that the sites belong to hitchhikers and other people who befriended the clan but were then later despised.

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