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John McCain: Terrorists Might Try to Sway Election

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Newsflash: in Springfield, Pennsylvania yesterday; John McCain says he worries that terrorists might try to sway elections. Hey John, don’t you think that has already happened? He goes further to say that the sway will take place in the form of increased attacks in Iraq.

Terrorists are going to continue their attacks in Iraq no matter the election. If they were truly interested in swaying the elections to their favor, most agree that fewer attacks on American soldiers would be good for the Taliban or Al Qaeda insurgents because the American people might see less of a need to elect a president who holds a strong position and Military background

This is an attempt by John McCain to keep the American people focused on the war in Iraq, and perhaps they should. Don’t be put to sleep by primary elections. This is how the presidential election will play out. There are three Front Runners for the Oval office: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. The Republican candidate is John McCain. The Democratic race is uncertain, but make no mistake: If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, she will be president. If Barack Obama is the Democratic contender, John McCain will be the next president.

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

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