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Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures

Jenna Jameson wearing Pleather

Jenna Jameson Peta

Jenna Jameson Sexy Peta Pictures Pleather Yourself Video & Pictures. Pleather is made of plastic. Plastic comes from crude oil production. Yes, that same production that produces green house gas that kills polar bears. Maybe the title of this story should be PETA: Society for the Advancement of Polar Bear Death.

Thanks Peta.

But SAPBD just doesn’t roll off the tongue so nice.

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Jenna Jameson is posing for shots in a Peta campaign called: Pleather Yourself.  Pleather is apparently plastic leather. Plastic is a petroleum based product. So while PETA forwards the ethical treatment of animals they are also also seemingly all on board with poisoning the planet otherwise. Or is the petroleum issue just collateral damage? Maybe it’s plant based plastic? Does that exist?

Peta core tennants frown on a person who would have livestock and a pet dog or cat.  Some in the movement would even go so far as to say something like “a human is a slave owner if they maintain an animal that gives the human sustenance in any form.”

That’s hard to muster. We can appreciate their zeal for their righteousness in defense of their cause. But at some point, the deviation from reality that their cause requires philosophically, would seem to identify that this is just another way to tug at the heartstrings and wallets of the very animal loving humans they would shun. And that just seems kind of, I dunno, “dirty?”

Now comes the stunning and beautiful Jenna Jameson. Jena Jameson is well known porn star sometimes referred to as a “porntrepenuer.” In video and pictures about the shoot she does not wax philosophic about the whole treatment of animals thing, and seems to be happy that it is just another photo shoot. Good for you Jenna! Celebrities are people too, and they don’t earn their crust from sticking to some moral code of which despot signs the check.  Let’s hope in this case, Jenna doesn’t put her money where her mouth is. Speaking of Jenna Jameson’s mouth, here you go:

Jenna we owe you theFutonPoncho award for Being a Hot Chick. Thanks!

We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news. We’ve researched the common mistypes for Jenna and this story. The spellings are all correct however you may often find commonly mistyped items like: Plether, Jamieson, Jamason. Jenny Jemeson, Jamison, Jamisen, Jamesen

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  • Well if there is anyone that understands animal abuse it would be her. Her beaver has been getting abused for years.

    Comment by Sanchez — 2008 March 10 @ 6:16 pm


    Comment by PAUL — 2008 August 8 @ 8:25 am

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