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Arlington Oregon Mayor Fired for Lingerie Sexy Pictures

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Carmen knotur gronquist on a firetruck

Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, former mayor of Arlington Oregon, posed on a fire truck in 2004 for a Sports Illustrated contest. Later, she became mayor of the small (roughly) 400 citizen community. Then her Sports Illustrated entry showed up on her mySpace page, and she was fired. “That’s why they call it mySpace” she said. She was not embarrassed by the pictures. Here’s the video:

A political adversary started distributing the photo to discredit her, and it has appeared to have worked. In a 142 to 139 vote she was recalled from her position, and stripped of her mayoral responsibilities. Many disagree with the recall obviously. Those who voted her out didn’t want to appear as prude so they are placing the reason for her recall on her policy to cut spending by firing two seasonal workers at the local public golf course.

Thankfully Carmen Kontour-Gronquist is not apologetic for her stand. If it meant a job she relied for her livelihood, upon maybe she would have looked at things differently. She’s selling the pictures on Ebay, giving part of the proceeds to the local health department. We were not able to find the auction on Ebay, but if you find it, please comment the link and give her a bid, she deserves it! For her stand and general all around good humor that she seemed to take over the event, she’s got a nomination for theFutonPoncho. We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

You can use this article for spelling reference but common mistyped phrases and words are: carmine contour, kontor, contour, kontour, gronequist gronkist carman, arlingten arlingtan lingerey loungerey, lingere

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  • WTF-Man what a society we live in. I say good for her, other than the fact she has a MySpace. (I just gave her a friend request) I think she has every right to defend her post. She didn’t do the pics while she was in office, they were done prior. What the hell, she’s hot! It sounds to me there are some upset wives and frustrated husbands. I’ve just decided I’m packing my saddle bags and heading to Oregon to show support of Her Honor in any way I can. Maybe she’ll return the favor.
    This has to be the best publicity stunt I’ve seen. This is better than getting known for having a cannibalistic pshyco that wears skin masks.
    I hearby nominate Her Honor for a poncho for staying in office and flipping a giant bird to the uptight politically correct morons that voted her. You should have done your homework idiots. If it was on MySpace it was there for all to see. (No response to my friend request yet, bummer)

    Comment by Doug — 2008 February 29 @ 9:58 am

  • This web entry leads the reader to purchase pictures of Mayor Kontour-Gronquist on e-Bay ! As of March 3, approx 7:45 am, the bids for 6 signed posters have an expiration of approx. 1 1/2 days. Hope this help your readers find them and raise the bids as you suggest.

    Zeb Bek

    Comment by Zeb Bek — 2008 March 3 @ 7:50 am

  • ebay link

    will lead readers to place pids for the aforementioned posters on e-Bay !

    Zeb Bek

    Comment by Zeb Bek — 2008 March 3 @ 7:53 am

  • Thanks for that link Zak! We’ve set it up so that it opens in a new window

    Comment by admin — 2008 March 3 @ 10:29 am

  • Finally, a political person that I actually want to see in sexy clothes! She obviously worked hard to get into the shape she is in. Maybe they should fire Arnold too.

    Comment by BostonDonkey — 2008 March 3 @ 12:43 pm

  • omg why did she do that is so retared

    Comment by shelby — 2009 December 24 @ 2:05 pm

  • Didn’t the Governor of California pose in his skiddies before he was governor? OH thats right… he’s a man, and famous… how silly of me to think they were in the same category.

    Comment by Emily — 2010 December 11 @ 9:24 pm

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