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AbbieJane Swogger Hotel Sex and Drugs Party

Filed under: Bizarre News,Crime — Tags: , , , , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 3:05 pm 2008 February 26

Cops bust a party at a New Kensington Pennsylvania Clarion hotel just outside of Pittsburg, only to find seven Highland high school students and a 34 yearl old ex-exotic dancer and teacher’s aid hosting the party.

Mark Glogowski, of the Tarentum Pennsylvania police department told Fox News that there was empty beer cans in the hotel room, and there were condom wrappers. There were also allegations of drugs found on the premises.

Abbiejane, 34, says she was at the hotel room with her girls when her son showed up with some friends. She said she did not have sex with anyone and further that if anyone was having sex, they kept it discreet. Discreet? Ha! How do seven people in one hotel room keep sex discreet? From what we saw of her testimony it looked like she was trying to say she would not deny anyone had sex but she didn’t see it in a sort of “cover my butt” statement. heh, pun intended?

Abbiejane has resigned her teachers aide position.

It’s wacky, and it is funny, but it really doesn’t earn Abbiejane theFutonPoncho award. This made national news because of the “if anyone was having sex, they kept it discreet” statement. Makes a beautiful sound bite for a special interest story, but really looks like a case of a mother not controlling the situation with her kids –and now she’s in hot water for it. We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

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