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Gary Busey upstages Ryan Seacrest – Video

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Gary Busey was in full form at the Oscars last night. Most are reporting about an enraged public that witnessed Gary Busey kissing Jennifer Garner on the neck. Jennifer Garner, probably best known for her role in the Oscar nominated best picture Juno, is married to Ben Affleck. Just after the exchange, Jennifer asked “Where’s my Husband!” but Ben was no where to be found.

If you saw the exchange it looked more like an excited kid making the rounds instead of a crazed madman. We’ve got the clip so if you didn’t see it read the rest of the story

Ryan Seacrest seemed to do his best to make it look like Gary Busey’s actions were grossly inappropriate. Busey first offered up a little bit of a challenge to Ryan, then Seacrest snubbed him by focusing his cameras on Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney. Of course, there’s no doubting Gary Busey has acted inappropriately in the past and perhaps this is the reason for the slant on most stories this morning.

Gary Busey was nominated for an Oscar in the past for his part in “The Buddy Holly Strory.” The thing about Gary Busey is he’s a wacko, but a wacko in a good way! If there was ever an award, and maybe there should be, Gary Busey would definitely get it. Yea, that’s it -theFutonPoncho award! We’ll be sending one out to Gary when they come in. Wear it proudly. Thanks Gary, for making the Oscars light and fun. You’re right! It is not, nor should the Academy Awards be a stuffed shirt affair. We’ll keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

We’ve for the correct spellings in this story but common mistypes for this story are Gary Bussey Beusey Bussy Ben Afleck Afflek, Aflek, Rian Seecrest Lora Lara Liney, Lenee

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