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Lane Bryant Victims Funeral Protest

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theFutonPoncho gets its share of wacko emails, but this must surely take the cake. The next time you are going to send around an email extolling the evils of Muslims and Islamic jihad, you only need to look out your back door. After all, Timothy McVeigh went to his death believing he was a patriot.

A Group lead by Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas regularly travels the country protesting funerals. Yes. They protest funerals. How nice, you might think, they truly feel for the poor victims families and want to protest their untimely death. No.

They are protesting the War in Iraq and the United States in general, saying that soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan because of “homosexuals and other sins of America” One member even suggested the recent Lane Bryant shootings in Tinley Park was “God’s will.”

This group of fun loving Christians are scheduled to demonstrate on February 11th in Blue Island Illinois where Lt David Schultz 82nd Airborne will be put to rest. They’re also planning a picketing of Lane Bryant Victims: Sarah Szafranski of Oak Forest, and Connie Woolfolk or Flossmoor.

How do you think the planning for this came down? “Hey we’re going to wreck this young soldier’s funeral, and were in town… why not burn a cross at those Godless Lane Bryant shoppers funerals too?”

Blue Island? They’re going to do this in Blue Island, Illinois? Westboro Baptist Congregation: you’re not in Kansas anymore. Thanks for the proof to the adage: There’s no accounting for taste. We’ll keep you informed of this and other twisted news.

Commonly mistyped items for this story are: Connie Woolfok, Woofolk, Sarah Safranski, David Shulz, Lane Briant, Layne Bryant, Timothy Mcvey, Illionois Flosmoor, Flossmore

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