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RE: virus warning! Life is Beautiful Hoax

Filed under: Computers and Technology — Tags: , , , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 9:39 am 2008 February 7

Here’s a good idea: Just don’t open any attachment from people you don’t know.

The Life is Beautiful virus email is a H-O-A-X

It has been perpetrated for at least six years and changes its form somewhat. The first itineration of the hoax is believed to be in the form of a powerpoint attachment. The next itineration was who it came from or what it affected -which included names like Symantec, McAfee, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

However, files contained in emails from unknown persons should always be treated suspect, in fact, you should only accept and open a file through email if you have specifically ordered it or a person that you know has told you that you are going to receive it. File attachments are notorious for carrying little “nasties” that will sometimes completely wreck your computer but more often they will install spy-ware so that it will send commands to other computers on in the internet for a myriad of destructive purposes. Sometimes destructive to the user (something that wipes out your files or gives away your personal information) but more often destructive to someone else (like a Denial of Service attack: where thousands –or even tens of thousands- are directed to one internet site at the same time to overwhelm the processes and shut the site down.)

Kudo’s to These guys fact check emails and give a brief synopsis of the validity of them. They have become so popular and well known, that more often than not, these hoax emails are quoting that they’ve been checked on Snopes to be true: which makes you wonder if it is the people at Snopes that puts these things out in the first place! –not really.

Of course you know the next shoe will drop. Now that Life is Beautiful has been exposed as a fraud, someone will likely make a real virus and start sending it around! We’ll keep you informed of this and other interesting technology news.

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