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Ecstasy from Canada into the US

Filed under: Crime,Politics,World — Tags: , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 7:53 pm 2008 February 1

Canadian drug smuggling is a significant and growing concern. Canadian officials have neither the manpower nor the incentive to stop the traffic inflow to the United States. Raw Chemicals are smuggled from India and China into Canada, processed and then trafficked easily between the United States and Canada – a border that does not yet have a fence.

That’s not the end of the troubling news. Now ecstasy is mixed with crystal meth for a super high that is increasing its addict-ability. Methamphetamine is a drug that until recently was produced from easily obtainable off-the-shelf components. Many outlets now require the purchaser to ask over the counter for the cold remedies that contain the ingredients used in the manufacture of the illicit drug. This allows trained technicians to identify possible drug making suspects, and has significantly curbed the sale of the remedies to those with drug seeking behavior.

Will the United States tighten their border security to the North to addres the imminent threat that an exposed Canadian border presents? We’ll will keep you informed of this and other entertaining news. Common mistyped phrases include: Methanphedamine, addictability, chrystal meth, Cnadian, trafficing

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