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Heath Ledger Scam

Heath Ledger was a good actor. The best way to remember him is perhaps for his role as Mel Gibson’s eldest son in The Patriot. He was also nominated for an academy award for his role in the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain. He was only 28 and he died in his apartment a few days ago. Mary Kate Olsen, received a call from one of his employees after she found him dead. The employee, a masseuse, called Olsen three times. So what? It is really no big deal. The media has made an issue out of the fact that the New York Police Department said they are not interested in talking to her.

One might think Heath Ledger sent care packages to Elvis with all the news coverage he has received. He did not even know him, but at the recent SAG awards, winner Daniel Day Lewis dedicated his award to Heath Ledger. Will Heath Ledger have the following of Elvis or JFK? If so, he’ll be more famous dead than he was alive.

At theFutonPoncho, we are sure that the family and friends would rather not be deluged with constant messages on the national media about the death. But we couldn’t resist. With all of the ridiculous coverage it seems someone has attempted to take action to exploit the situation.

Posing as Kim Ledger, the deceased father, a person is calling the agents and representatives of past co-stars including Halle Berry, Mel Gibson and Christian Bale, asking them to attend private memorial services. In the end, it was just a scam from a British telephone number to obtain the A-listers personal information.

theFutonPoncho does not condone the action, but with all the coverage given to the death of an actor, we’re not surprised. The American media will take no lesson from this event, however there maybe something there for the rest of us. Now we know to be on guard of unknown people who call at the time of a friends passing.

We’ll will keep you informed of this and other entertaining news.

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