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Intelius Cell Phone Records Made Public

Filed under: Business — Tags: , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 5:45 pm 2008 January 28 is an information aggregator on the internet. They provide background checks and information services. Now they’re supplying your cell phone number. To get the 411 on a cell phone you need to go to the website and enter the name of the person for which you are looking. Depending on the name of the person, you could have hundreds of choices, but the website makes it easier to pinpoint your “search target” by listing and age, previous cities, and even names of relatives. The search will also tell you whether they have a phone number a date of birth, and address in their database.

After you decide that the name you are looking for is the one presented, you are given a choice of payments depending on the level of detail that you want. The price ranges from $7.95 up to $49.95. There’s even a 9.95 option which gives you a 10% discount on future purchases. The higher priced report includes a Statewide Criminal check, Bankruptcies and Liens, Sex Offender Check, Small Claims and Judgments, Relatives and Associates, Neighbors and Neighborhood information, Alias Names, Home Value & Details; and according to the website –much more.

theFutonPoncho ran a story about free information available about you on the internet available here. Most information gathering companies are required to have some way for individuals to get their own information at no cost. ChoicePoint for example will give you this information, but it was difficult to create an account at Intelius without giving them your credit card.

It is interesting that the story about the telephone records made the news only a few weeks after the company has announced they are going public. They’re letters are supposed to be INTL. Look for that stock in the future. Could there be some free promotion at work? We’ll keep you updated if we get new information for this story.

Common mistypes for this story are Intellius, backround

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