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I Failed Miserably on Ebay.

Filed under: How-to,Make Money Online — Tags: , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 3:51 pm 2008 January 23

The problem with Ebay is that it is just so difficult to find quality items to sell. Don’t get me wrong: Ebay is a great way to make money. I’ve sold a lot of stuff there.

I told people jokingly:

They say “you never know what you have until it’s gone;” so I am getting rid of everything I own to find out what I had!

I went through my closet and got rid of my spare stuff, then, I tried garage sales. They were ok, but for all the time I was spending driving around, and the cost of gas, I found myself working for 50 cents an hour. I would have to work 200 hours a day just to pay my bills. Consigning other peoples stuff really didn’t work out either, since most people felt like I was ripping them off if I wanted minimum wage to make their ad and ship their package.

There’s no replacement for hard work. I was willing to do it, but just didn’t know where to start. I sold enough on Ebay to understand one key to success is finding enough good stock to sell. That’s not some internet secret. Finding good suppliers with items that people will buy have always been the key to making money. Whether you are selling houses, cars, electronics, clothes, or even something as simple as nail clippers, you have to stick to the basics.

I got frustrated, then I figured out how those “power sellers” are doing it. They have good sources. I guess I could sell a wholesale list on Ebay for 5 bucks, but I just despise that whole idea.

Here’s a freebie

Bookmark I find Clothes, Army Surplus, Liquidations and closeouts there. It’s not a “member” website either. I’ve never seen the companies at ClearanceLand selling their stuff piece-by-piece on Ebay, It’s just not their business. They buy truckloads and container-loads of stuff and then sell it off in pallet-loads. You can get thousands of dollars of inventory under 200 bucks in some cases. You break it out and sell it off in pieces. That’s how the power sellers are doing it. That’s how they’re able to buy a twenty dollar item for a buck or two, sell it cheap for a good profit, and still make it a great deal for their customers.

Do it yourself:

Sit down and make a list of everything you need to do. You’ll probably have to go back and revisit this list. Get Serious; spend a few hours at it. At some point you will understand that most of that wheel you are designing was already invented.

Or you can get help:

Wouldn’t it be worth a days pay if you could get the information already compiled? What if it were under a hundred bucks? I would have never given somebody money to show me how to sell on ebay, but in hindsight, when I figure all the money I’ve spent on lesser ventures, the lost time, and lost sales, even $1000 would have been worth it. -I know, I’ve failed on Ebay.

Send me an email if you want to know more, and I’ll send you more information absolutely free. If you like what you see, order the program. It costs less than you probably make in a morning at you “real job” -and it will be money well spent.

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