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Osama Bin Laden’s Son Omar Bin Laden

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Osama Bin Laden’s son, Omar, says he has not spoken to his father since early 2001. He said there is a better way to defend Islam than with a gun, and he wishes to be a peace envoy. “It’s about changing the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people think Arabs – especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama – are all terrorists. This is not the truth.”

Omar is one of Osama’s 19 children. He lived with his father in the Sudan, moved with him to Afghanistan in 1996 when he was 14. In 2000 he parted and moved back to Saudi Arabia. Two of Osama’s sons, Hamza and Saad, are believed to be linked with al-Qaeda, one accompanying his father where he is believed to be holed up; in the tribal region between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Omar, has followed a traditional path, and manages one of the Binladen construction companies in Saudi Arabia, but lives in Egypt. While horse riding near the Pyramids of Giza, he met a British woman named Jane Felix-Brown. In a Jun-October romance, Omar Bin Laden married Felix-Brown.

Most news stories did not put the age of Omar into perspective when it came to his living with his father in the terrorist camps. When he turned 18 he got out! They were quick however to point to his age of 26 when he married the 52 yea old Felix-Brown.

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