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Britney Spears Custody Trial

Filed under: Celebrities — Tags: , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:41 pm 2008 January 20

Britney Spears goes into a valley boutique followed by a throng of reporters. Ten minutes later she reemerges with new clothes. 24 hours later, she briefly stepped out of her SUV on the steps of the Courthouse where he custody trial was taking place and exclaimed “I am scared” (claiming that the paparazzi were keeping her from being able to enter) and left the courthouse without going in. Meanwhile Kevin Federline showed up in a suit with his lawyers and aids.

The Media seems to be taking the position that Brittney Spears is mentally disturbed. Others claim that all the focus on Britney spears makes it impossible for her to not appear crazy. Britney has also been the most sought person on the Internet. She’s been in the top twenty of Yahoo’s Buzz for 443 days, second to pin-up Jessica Alba with 659 days on top.

You don’t hear about Jessica Alba having these kinds of problems. Is Brittney using the Media to keep her media value to the public eye, or is she just so stupid that it’s just too much fun not to know how she screwed up today?

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