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How to Rig an Election

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Allen Raymond was convicted of illegally jamming telephone lines to Democratic Party offices on election day 2002 in New Hampshire. He knows how to do it. After he spent five months in jail he walked away a free man, and wrote a book with Co-author Ian Spiegelman called: How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative

Raymond, a former campaign manager, explains that elections can be rigged, but “we’re not talking about what people often think about, like ballot box stuffing” He goes on to explain that as a campaign manager, it’s your job to engineer consent and play on the emotions of the voting public.

It’s the manager’s job is to develop a message that people want to hear and lay out the message in such a way that joe public thinks s/he knows the reason their voting for their candidate. In fact, a campaign manager develops an orchestrated response in the form of votes for their candidate:

“once you are all said and done and deliver a message two plus two equals whatever I want it to equal.”

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