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Department of Homeland Security Mexican Border Fence

Filed under: History,Politics — Tags: , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 10:36 pm 2008 January 17

Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff says detractors to the security fence at the Mexican border need to “Grow up.”

“I can guarantee you that If we don’t make this change eventually there will come a time that someone will come across the border, exploiting the vulnerabilities in the system and some bad stuff will happen and then there’ll be another 9-11 commission…”

What would you expect from a guy who owes his commission to Terrorism and Fear? That everything is hunky-dory? One could not help but get the feeling that Mr. Chertoff is feeling some of the pressures to move forward against the slower moving progress of government.

Mr Chertoff said some harsh and seemed to brandish non-negotiable words in his recent press conference saying; “It is time to grow up and recognize that if we are serious about this stuff, we’ve got to take reasonable measures” then, as though he realized that he caught himself saying “reasonable measures” – or something that was open to negotiation- went further to say “but nevertheless determined steps to get better security.”

At the third continental congress in 1787 –later known as the Constitutional Convention of the United States, arguments erupted over the need for federal courts. All the states already had judicial systems and it seemed to be another layer of bureaucracy for the states to bear. Pierce Butler objected however unsuccessfully that: “We must follow the example of Solon, who gave the Athenians not the best government he could devise, but the best that they would receive.”

Determined steps will always get the job done, but perhaps those same steps are a short walk beyond the tipping point of equity in constitutionally guaranteed rights. If there are delays in the process, perhaps a step back is required, and the reasoning more thoroughly examined.

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