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Find the Tom Cruise Scientology Video

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The Tom Cruise Scientology video was on yesterday before it was promptly taken off.  theFutonPoncho was able to find a source that had copied the video and presented it on their website. He uses strange acronyms like SP which is supposed to mean “Suppressive Person” and KSW, meaning “Keep Scientology Working” Just want the world needs… an acronym religion.

Here are some Excerpts:

    “You’re either on board or you’re not on board”
    “We are the authorities on getting people off drugs”
    “We are the authorities on improving conditions”
    “We can rehabilitate criminals”
    “We can bring peace an unite cultures”

You can find the website that is still presenting it by following the link at the end of this story. Tom Cruise was a favored actor before all this scientology rant became part of his persona. Many people have switched off. But at the same time, the video claims he has brought the message of scientology to over one billion people.

We wasted enough time watching it, and do not recommend you do the same however, if you are so inclined: See the video youTube removed here

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  • Thanks man that was a hoot! looking at all the comments on that page, I do not think that one of them was favorable. LOL Even considering the editing, the man still sounds like a babbling moron. He says he knows….HE KNOWS! Uh, Ok Tom care to explain what it is you know in terms that the unwashed masses can understand? Of course not because it is all a mental trap to create an image of superiority.

    Hey sciento’s you can all kiss my Ass!

    If they are monitoring for such negative statements then I might just get the SP label or a lawsuit.

    Comment by WhoWantsToKnow — 2008 January 18 @ 11:28 pm

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