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Free Sex at the Big Sister Brothel in Prague

Filed under: Bizarre News,World — Tags: , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 2:58 pm 2008 January 14

No kidding. If you go to the Big sister Brothel in Prague, you are presented with a touch screen of blondes brunettes and redheads for your perusal. After you have made your decision on the right one for you, you go to a room where your partner is waiting. No Charge.

There is a catch however. You have to agree to being filmed and have the subsequent video posted on the internet. In the ultimate “woodja” the company has already had over 15,000 men take up the offer since 2005.

The resultant video is offered on a Reality TV show that takes reality to the extreme, and charges video voyeurs 29.95 euro (per month) to tune in. Word is they are going to be expanding operations to the US. The company says if your looking for your 15 minutes (or likely less) of fame, come on down, the price is right.

Running this story on theFutonPoncho has caused us distress. Just becasue we reported this story, one of our advertisers blocked their ads. Wouldn’t the average (or even above average) person find it strange that news networks like CNN, Headline News, and Bloomberg can run this story with video and pictures, but when it’s run on theFutonPoncho, without cursive language, explicitly written text, pictures, or video that the advertisers are blocked? click on the Logo in the top left corner to go to our most current page and please check out our other entertaining news.

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  • Hey, do they have a website? Do you have a link? Please post it.

    Comment by WhoWantsToKnow — 2008 January 18 @ 11:30 pm

  • I please about your iniciative, I am black british if I would like to participate in you club what I need

    Comment by Dennis — 2008 March 18 @ 7:11 pm

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