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United Nations votes for Louisiana’s Independence from the US

Filed under: Politics,World — Tags: , , , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:28 am 2007 December 31

In a draft resolution, The United Nations has allowed Louisiana to determine self government and Mexico has given its hand in helping the fledgling country-state become independent. Rumors of cessation began after the horrid handling of the Katrina Hurricane affair. Most countries felt that the US would have little to do with the state, leaving it in no better shape than many of the poorer countries after the Tsunami struck the Indian Ocean in 2004.

Hugo Chavez and his Venezuelan government are the only ones who have come to the Defense of the United States, saying they feel the US deserves third party counsel to explain their actions since no one else seems to be willing to take a stand in defense of the United States government.

Replace Venezuela with Russia, Louisiana with Kosovo, The United States with Serbia, and now you might have a little better understanding of the fierce resistance by Serbia to allow Kosovo to become its own country. They’ve mistreated their people in Kosovo for sure, but the land that makes up Kosovo is more akin to Serbia as New York or California is to the United States.

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